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Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Weekend in Pictures.....Part 2

Saturday Afternoon:::
After the craziness of the morning our afternoon was spent reading library books and playing. We decided to paint some pictures from our reading with our watercolours. Family......

and what the (very happy looking) echidna eats for lunch....ants!
Sunday Morning:::
Our plan to drive and spend the day at Grandma and Grandad's "farm" at Pottsville has been thwarted today by the weather. Despite it being only quite overcast here it is raining and very very gusty there. No running, exploring, "rainforest" walks, kite flying, fairy chasing, tree climbing or fish and eel watching would be had there today...and definitely no trip to the beach.
And after caressing our walls again, due to a restless and teething bub, on a couple of occaisions during the wee hours of the night last night....a slightly sleep deprived Mama is probably better off not getting behind the wheel but having a day playing here and waiting for our "Daddy" to come home from work.
I realised with bleary eyes last night that I am getting to know our little home quite intimately in the dark and how that "dark" changes cyclically depending on the moonlight. It is a very different place when it's just the "three" of us. So quiet and calm....and now somewhat chilly.....without singing, laughing, yelling, music, scooties knocking walls, spilt drinks and paints, food, toys and messes. How our home houses us and the happenings of our day so graciously and then rests peacefully by night with the occasional patter of my bare feet only. I think I am finally after two and a bit years really falling in love with our second home. It is good to us.
I also realised with each groan and forcing of my tired body out of bed that come morning lost sleep doesn't really matter when my cuddles are sought and lapped up with such abandon that can only come from a child. How necessary I am to them and how necessary they are to me despite the, at times, arduous nature of my mothering them. So on that note....and with all the Sunday morning love we could muster.....the WHO bread that we could all smell baking during the night which was meant to travel with us for our treat was devoured for Sunday breakfast at home.
As for the rest of the day...well....our home is going to smell like food all day....and I plan on doing nothing else but just being here. The fresh baking bread aroma has now already shifted into the comforting smell of our dinner cooking in the slow cooker. More painting of "bear hunts" was requested and is happening behind me as I type to the tune of "The Bear went over the Mountain".....

and what happens when my back is turned on the painting in order to indulge myself in finishing some blogging??......

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