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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This weeks handmades.....

Not a lot of sewing has been happening here lately unfortunately but this is what has been created this week.
This is little Cous Cous and Shanti.....another pattern from Softies.
Cous Cous is named because on a recent shopping trip I announced to Mia that we just needed to grab some couscous and we would be going, to which she replied "puss puss?! Where's the puss puss?". Shanti is because these two little guys are made from some of my old yoga pants.
They are being much loved....and apparently Shanti tastes kinda good!

This is a Mothers Day gift for my Mum. It's made from my Grandmothers old fabrics and lace. I've been loving sewing things with this rose fabric lately....you've probably noticed it in a few projects. I've been enjoying the feeling of connectedness to my past and the women of my family when sewing with it.

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Violet said...

The softies are so cute..great that you made them from your yoga pants.:-) And the heart is lovely, how nice that it's made from your grandmothers old fabrics..your mum is sure to love it!!