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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thelma's Embroidery

With all my sewing lately and the use of some vintage fabrics that I "stole" from Mum's which were originally her Mum's, I remembered I had a bag stashed away of some of my Grandmothers other bits and bobs and probably more recent linens. I excavated it out....and it was a mini treasure trove of forgotten goodies packed away from various house moves. I thought I might share some of her things and embroidery handiwork over the next few weeks. Of course Mum has the "real" treasures safely packed at her place, including a pair of my great Grandmothers bloomers!

This little piece struck me. The photo's really don't do it or the colours justice but the detail is amazing. So pretty......
and not to be packed away again (I know...some would shoot me). It now has a special place where it can be really appreciated and where it would make Thelma smile... on Mia's drawers.

And just a little extra on request.....a couple of dodgy photo's (taken quickly the other day to send to my sister for a giggle) of the new "do's".
and yes Bam is playing safely with some matches! Well they are safety matches. ;) His 3rd and 4th tracks aren't really visible on his crown.

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