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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Art and Treasures....

Well, vacuuming took a backseat today (I'm so over cleaning you know) and Mia and I made time...actually not much was needed though it was thoroughly enjoyable...to make one of these matchboxes!
I discovered them on Sherrin's blog, Starashan, who in turn had found them where they originated here at Paperiaarre. Love them.

I had to search for a matchbox and found one that was just holding together and used a gorgeous card I received for my birthday for the cover and veges (nice re-purposing I think!). Then we lined the tray with a seed catalogue out of one of my Warm Earth magazines. We added some of our sweet pea seeds and string, useful for all things but in this case for climbing peas! Just to add to our gardening theme this last week.
Fun. Mia is now carefully cradling her new mini treasures!

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Sherrin said...

This is great! I love how you have put seeds in. My son carried our match boxes around reverently too! :o)