...Homemade Rainbows...

Monday, September 27, 2010

a wander up the common

So far the school holidays have been marked by beautiful rain.
Oh so great for the garden and all the digging I have to do re-designing the back yard....
but not so great for the little ones who have been just a tad restless and maybe a little tired of ducking in and out of downpours in order to get their feet and hands into the earth.
So when a morning of only looming clouds dawned for us we took advantage and ventured off to The Common in search of birds (for which it is much loved) and a good stretch of the legs and lungs.
So so good...
though we didn't quite plan on the biggest stretch of the legs coming from a chase by a rather protective nesting male scrub turkey! Handsome though don't you think?
Today the sun is out again and we are off to Pottsville for a few days of sea air and hopefully some more stretching of the best kind.
See you soon.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

three unto the moon....

This boy of ours turned three over the weekend.
And the boy loves rockets.
Let me tell you...everything in our house is either a rocket or a space ship right now!
So there was no other way to celebrate this milestone but with a rocket and space inspired celebration.
The table was adorned with the flowers of his birth.
There were rocket toys and paper and cake that bought squeals and the kind of excited smiles that could do nothing other than bring a tear of joy to a Mama's eye.
He danced along with wind up machines and then wore his safety glasses and made all the sounds a rocket could make until....
his real treat....
a wander to the park where we launched the real thing.
It's a journey to the stars with this little guy....he is still somewhere out in space and over the moon now...
even in his dreams.... how could he not be when he is still sleeping with that rocket and insisting on being called *super*!
Three unto the moon little man.
Happy Birthday my *Super Bam*.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

in my kitchen

Just some of my favourite things from the kitchen lately.
I can relax for the rest of this week and enjoy these simple things as I'm now looking at the back of the first exam of my studies.
I am feeling rightly challenged and a little invigorated by the whole process. It's been a while since I have had to ignite quite that much kindling upstairs if you know what I mean. It feels good. Really good.
Combine this with some warmer weather and the desire for fresh foods and you have a recipe for cheerfulness....
Lately I've been living on fennel salads and fresh lemon myrtle tea still.
My goodness there are some delicious sounding fennel recipes out there. I however have not moved past the orange and pine nuts yet but I'm thinking the haloumi might just get me to.
And then thinking about summer not being quite so conducive to hot drinks I also couldn't help but try out a recipe for lemon myrtle cordial I found from this wonderful little community for the upcoming hotter days.
After tracking down some local trees to *harvest* some more leaves from I discovered this cordial is a winner.
You must try the recipe out here.
So as you maybe start digging into your own summer salads (or winter breads depending on where you are) ...happy crunching and bottoms up!
There really is always something happy happening about the kitchen.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the overwintered garden

I know I've mentioned a few times now about how neglected my garden has been these last 8 (already!) months since our back deck went in. And have I mentioned how clean and *itchy to get in the earth* my gardeners hands have been all this time?
Well, too clean, and oh so itchy!
In hindsight though it's all been more than ok. I've still really enjoyed the pottering and the watching and the planning.
Things have really continued to power along through this winter of deferred action and prolonged fingernail cleanliness.
Perhaps it was my will and watching alone that kept up some pretty delicious production in the yard... or somewhat like me maybe it was just the pure stubbornness of those remaining plants?
Nevertheless I am indeed grateful for the smallish winter bounty we have had the pleasure of enjoying here from this space. And I am steadfastly and enthusiastically awaiting the foreseeable and teasing bounty of Spring....
Yes there are many, many possibilities still to come.
I can see them in the apple blossoms....
and in the volume of small mulberries that this year hung tight and survived our late season westerlies...
I can taste them in the frittata made from many fresh eggs and parsley I enjoyed for my dinner tonight...
they are in the first fuzzy skinned peach babies on my tree...
they were in the capsicums that somewhere became child powered rocket ships...sigh
and they are in the fennel....sweet fennel yet to hang tight and survive the onslaught of many pecking chickens who share with me a favored taste for its aniseed crunch! Oh yes.
So independently but very loved, the garden has overwintered more than well... and for now I will still continue to potter, watch and plan knowing that as I do I will still miss its dirt under my nails and my hands will surely still itch...