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Thursday, September 16, 2010

in my kitchen

Just some of my favourite things from the kitchen lately.
I can relax for the rest of this week and enjoy these simple things as I'm now looking at the back of the first exam of my studies.
I am feeling rightly challenged and a little invigorated by the whole process. It's been a while since I have had to ignite quite that much kindling upstairs if you know what I mean. It feels good. Really good.
Combine this with some warmer weather and the desire for fresh foods and you have a recipe for cheerfulness....
Lately I've been living on fennel salads and fresh lemon myrtle tea still.
My goodness there are some delicious sounding fennel recipes out there. I however have not moved past the orange and pine nuts yet but I'm thinking the haloumi might just get me to.
And then thinking about summer not being quite so conducive to hot drinks I also couldn't help but try out a recipe for lemon myrtle cordial I found from this wonderful little community for the upcoming hotter days.
After tracking down some local trees to *harvest* some more leaves from I discovered this cordial is a winner.
You must try the recipe out here.
So as you maybe start digging into your own summer salads (or winter breads depending on where you are) ...happy crunching and bottoms up!
There really is always something happy happening about the kitchen.


Inoureyes said...

It all looks so inviting. And the lemon myrtle..... i have had a tree for 12 years now and have only gotten as far as crushing the leaves and smelling. Unfortunatly your link for the cordial dosnt work!
I think fennel will be the next thing to go into the veggie garden.
Thanks for the inspiration
Love Mel

Amanda said...

you've inspired me to plant some fennel!

Levin said...

what are you studying?

i'm ready for summer salads again - it has been a cold and grey winter this year with lots of rain (which has been a great relief). i love winter, for all it's coming inside and living within, but i am looking forward to the warmth and slowness of summer.


Patricia said...

Yum, summer salads!
The fennel recipe looks and sounds great :D

Happy weekend Leanne xo

Madeline said...

Kitchens are good places, and yours looks particularly so.

shine little light* said...

Ohhh that clock is devine! *s*