...Homemade Rainbows...

Monday, December 27, 2010


I'm feeling this was the best Christmas in a long while
despite the persistent drenching from the heavens
and a few personal challenges prior
gifts of laughter
dear family
and a little decadence for the belly and soul
here's hoping your day was as blessed as mine

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Happy Solstice!
We're enjoying some merrymaking and preparations this week.
As well as celebrating the sun...
when it appears that is.
Happy celebrations and preparations to you too.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

the lunatic farmer

Saturday evening saw me lucky enough to be sitting dry beneath an enormous red tent in the middle of Northey Street City Farm listening to just my kind of lunatic.
The awesome Joel Salatin spoke of many things that made complete sense to me... and everyone else there....several hundred in fact.
Wow that man is blessed... with the best job in the world and the ability to speak. Inspiring and truthful....
even if his neighbours believe him to be a bio terrorist.
I think perhaps the term lunacy has been applied to the wrong people don't you?
Bless you Joel.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

war and peace

There's been a little war and peace here.
Work to be done, work being done, goodies to nibble fresh from the patch, baddies being nibbled by goodies fresh in the patch and little critter friends....
A balance of good and evil, hard work and rest...

even if enforced rest...

We've been struck with a nasty tummy bug.... literally one by one within hours we each succumbed to it's assault... in an almost comical matter really even to the point of being forced to share the same puke bowls at certain points (it's hard for any Mama to care for others in the throes of ill when her tummy is doing the exact same thing). Sorry for the detailed visual there but that's been the reality in our house this last week. Good news is we are all on the mend.

Before that though life was all about shifting the contents of those numerous yellow bags up there and digging out concrete and demolishing one rotten side fence... finally. Excitement mixed with dread at the changes about to take place in my beloved garden and just how much work is going to be involved.
I've given you a little sneak peak in there of what my mulched paths are going to look like...some of it I managed to complete before being forced back indoors to nurse the ills. Three and a half of those bags are gone.....
and I know the others are still there waiting.....and with more pavers due to arrive today....
life will again get back to being about those bags and our garden....

War on the bugs...
Peace in the garden...
or is that the other way around with all that heavy hard work waiting?

Peace in the garden it is!