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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New arrivals...

My Birthday gifts arrived yesterday....oooh new books!
The Creative Family and Living the Good Life.
Unfortunately it was a busy morning, but not too busy that I didn't get to hold them, flick through them, read the covers and sniff them....yes sniff them! I just love the smell of new books, doesn't everybody sniff new books?

They are quite vastly different genres and I am still undecided as to which I will really break into first! I think I will end up reading both at once.
And in my indecision last night, and knowing in order to really care for my new books I did decide I needed a new bookmark (and to make something!). So some handmade paper was put to good use. You can see I have also been experimenting with making some blue paper too.
And today....well....I got 5 minutes to myself this afternoon! So it was a race to boil the kettle for a quick cup of Green Chai and put bottom on daybed on the verandah and devour one introduction!
Hmm I think this is starting out to be a long literary journey this time.....but that's not a bad thing at all.


Violet said...

What great birthday gifts...Living the Good Life is on my "must have" list.
Wonderful Handmade Bookmarks..so pretty. :-)
Also really liking your matchboxes too!!


sarahau said...

Bugger blogger ate it.
Good taste in Books I have just finished Living the good life (loved it, just wrote about it on my blog) and am dying to get my hands on Creative family. Any chance of a review on the latter? I wandered over here Via Vi's corner