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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Some weekend doings....

At the Machine:::
I managed to get back to finish sewing, folding and ironing those triangles I mentioned previously here. I'm still itching to get them finished....hopefully this week. Stay tuned.
I also started a little dolly project for our neighbours Daughters first Birthday next week.

In the Vege Garden:::
Wow, this afternoon I managed to steal a couple of hours in our little (quite needy at the moment) patch.
Last week Roger dropped off some buckets of lush compost which went longingly into a depleted bed and along with some manure, blood and bone and sulphate of potash we were able make the soil smile enough to be able to sow some snow pea seeds (below left) and some french bean seedlings (right). Hubby put his skills to work setting up my bamboo and string trellis, then our new wee plants enjoyed being freshly surrounded by some organic mulch and showered in some seaweed tea for a great start.
I had to work quickly and briefly in between showers of rain to make the most out of our baby's nap time.....but I also managed to finally get my potatoes into some homemade experimental potato cages. I'm very excited about this. Mia has also planted some "magic" beans and a lettuce in her pot on the right...it had to be put in just the right spot of her choosing you know.....
All my other veg beds need a major overhaul and some serious soil improvement (I think a green manure is in order) but garden time is unfortunately not a friend at present so I planted some mignonette lettuce in a box placed amongst some old herbs so I know they have great bedding of some manure, compost and worm castings and lots of water of course. Probably a bit close together in there but they will be getting regular trimming for munching so they should cope ok.
And here is a Black Russian Tomato also given to me by Rog last week....can't wait to reap some big dark beauties.
In my pottering I also found a few little pumpkins growing on the vine on the shed and this morning I had actually got out with my paintbrush and helped nature along a little by pollinating a few more female flowers...seems the bees have been in short supply.

My need to get my hands dirty and something new growing....some sort of Autumn food garden happening......has been satisfied for now. I started my enjoyment of the greenery to come by warming up afterwards, looking over our brief but satisfying garden tending and planting exploits with a hot green tea. It's getting much cooler here now.

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Sherrin said...

your garden is looking great! Wow, we are in such different climates... my tomatoes are well and truly finished, and you are just putting yours in.

Today is a beautiful day for sinking your hands into the earth! :o)