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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Awww Ma-aaax!

Whats' this you ask?
It used to be my avocado seedling.

Who's this?

Max is my husbands baby. We have a love/hate relationship. Mostly the latter I'm afraid.

Why would he spitefully do this....again? (My poor brown turkey fig...along with countless other treasured plants over the years have suffered the same treatment. But luckily my fig survived to see another day and another metre or two). Could it be he didn't get dinner on time recently? No...this is usually announced by the incessant slamming of the back sliding door open and shut.....

Hmmm... I've been sleeping on it and I can only put it down to the fact the chooks haven't been free ranging lately and he hasn't been having his little fresh egg treats every morning before I can get to them!

Well one's got to look after and maintain one's shiny coat doesn't one? ( we often have a good giggle when Max is looking particularly shiny and we haven't had eggs in a while).

Yes... well.... avocados will do that too Max.....!

My Grandmother always said "you can't have a garden and have dogs". She's right....chooks too! We have 3 pooches and and two chookies and it's a battle.

But I'm actually grinning, just a little, as I type this.


Anonymous said...

Oh Max.

Chunk is getting old and grey now too. My garden is raised, so only my sweet potatoes get doused in his pee. Chunk delights in sniffing through the decomposing matter in my compost and running out sheepishly with half a banana skin. Come to think of it, we've found a few avo seeds around the yard too.

Old Max, you know he's out to get you L... ;) LOL

x Kathy

Me said...

Too funny!