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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Todays the Day.....

the Teddy Bears have their piiiiic-nic!
Yesterday was the last day of Kindy for the term and the break up was celebrated with a Teddy bears picnic. Of course "Ted" was Mia's guest of honour and Bam took along his little teddy friend too. (Ted won a medal)
We had also borrowed this book from our local library during the week (It touched me so and nearly made hubby tear up...his humane side which occasionally both shocks and amuses me was very moved!) and it's had me really thinking this week about what a wonderful and attached companion "Ted" has been to our little girl over the years.
His fur may definitely not be soft and white as it was on his arrival in our home from Harrods London over 3 1/2 years ago, and his stuffing may have more than halved in volume.....his eyes may be scratched and his Harrods button may no longer read Harrods and is merely a circle of muted green....he may have seen the spinning and wet of inside our washing machine a few too many times and then hung alone in the hot of the sun with a fairly upset girl, watching, waiting and anxious for his safe return....
he has seen countless places, faces, cuddles, naps, warm beds, kisses and endless ear caresses as two little hands have held one gently tickling it along a chubby pink upper lip in comfort, sleepiness and soothing slumber. How those ears have put our girl to sleep time and again since she was a babe.
Ted may not always have a treasured position in Mia's arms and slumber forever but I'm certain he will be a treasured part of our family for a long long time, most likely to see and amuse her own children and grandchildren.
In some excerpts from the book, The Perfect Bear, after the bear had become shabby......

"It's much better to be loved than admired, you know....hats and fur and keys don't matter. They're only on the outside. It's what is inside us that's important.....He wondered what was inside the girl.....He had the oddest feeling in the empty place where his old music box had been....It was...Love."

"My name is Bear. Just Bear. And the empty place inside him is full of happiness."

Some good Teddy tucker for the picnic.

Now off to do something productive with our weekend instead of writing accolades to Teddies. *wink*

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Anonymous said...

Ohhh, brought a tear to my eye. I'll have to borrow the book too. I can't believe Ted is still looking so great!

Bonnie still has her "blanky" and William now has one too. Although, Bonnie's "Julia" has since been replaced by various other toys.

I love the way Julia has been stitched in one too many places, her stripy stockings have faded, and she's missing an eye.

x Kathy