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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Sweet Bed for some little Sugar Babies...

I thought maybe it was time for a bit of a garden update....
and my most recent project has been to complete the bed for my sugar baby watermelons which are all now nicely sown and "bedded down". After some soil improvement they will hopefully enjoy growing on this bed along the side of our shed...... and behind the banana trees and the tank water tap. I've even hidden a couple more potato cages in there in desperation now.
So in a general garden mish-mash update.... the other most recent raised bed is also completed with a final addition of cow and sheep manure. Apparently it's a good place to sit at the moment and enjoy a homemade ice block while contemplating some of the seedlings to go in there. If I could squeeze in there I just might have done the same. We will be growing some lemon cucumbers (on the trellis) and beetroot here. In the background amidst many things such as lettuce, shallots and other herbs, you may be able to make out some of my mini purplettes, chard and kale on the left, as well as my fig and peach to the right. On the far right out of shot is where the sugar baby bed lies, as well as the rock bed on it's upper side for my blood orange....and one of my avocado trees is again to the right of this.
We are still getting handfuls of french beans like this to eat most nights. It's a fun activity to go and scout them out for dinner. Once my finger eggplant and yellow capsicum seedlings are ready however it should be time for them to sadly go to the compost. They are so delicious and I am certain I will grow them again come next autumn.
Down on the back fence there are quite a few of these little hairy babes appearing. White mulberry. I have roughly espaliered this tree and it recently had a hard prune so is shooting away beautifully now with many little fruit.
My coriander plants are also starting to show their heads in their small triangular bed. I'm very excited about these also....can't wait for some of that delicious flavour in our food.
Our passionfruit vines are yet to give us flowers and fruit. I am tapping my foot despite nature teaching me patience. On the left are some of my lovely french beans and the trellis that supported my snow peas before being moved to the new cucumber bed. The bed on the right has lettuce, wild rocket, more rosemary and a small lemon sapling. It's not a great bed for growing hence throwing in the lemon tree and the bits and pieces scraggling along. It's too dry and depleted in that spot.
This shot I couldn't resist for other reasons. The little man loves romping around the garden but the only thing he seems to love more at the moment are birds....particularly our magpie weather vane. He constantly holds little conversations with it and being in view from the house, every time we wander into the kitchen he points and cries out in his gorgeous way.............."Ber-dt.....Ber-dt"!!!
Yes we are blessed to have ber-dt's in our little garden too!


Kathy said...

You really have done a great job! I'd imagine the neighbours look in with admiration now too.
And Bam looks so cute out in the garden.

Rest is not idleness said...

Your garden looks huge and everything seems to be growing well, and your grass is looking good too, my husband would be very envious, but I think you get more rain than we do here in SA. Our grass hasn't really come back from the dry of last summer, but at least the vege garden is still growing well.

Sabrina said...

I am so impressed with your garden...and amazed at how much you are able to accomplish with your two
little helpers. Cheers to many great harvests ahead.