...Homemade Rainbows...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sheets and Spring Rain

The sewing machine is out again. I've missed it....and I'm aching to do some of my own sewing but today, to the lulling hum of steady Spring rain I am sewing sheet sets for the little one's in next years class at our Community Kindergarten...and mending the very popular wedding dress ups....a most important job.
It's making me smile as I measure and cut (a most brain challenging and messy experience with fabric supplied short due to unfortunate miscalculations...but I will spare you the details). I can't help imagining the small people that will be resting in these sheets next year after my bigger girl heads off for school....it doesn't seem so long ago that she was just starting there with tears and sadness at me having to leave her.....now she is through the gate with eagerness to the calls of her friends, of which she seems to have many and is almost finished her third term.
Time flies....it will be sad to leave our Kindy behind. It's like our other little family.
But for now...it's back to hemming sheets, not quite in preference to me being able to nap between them myself right now in this gorgeous weather, and checking the levels in our water tank which is being nicely refilled, replenishing all that has been used outside on our garden so far.
A pretty good day.....sewing and soaking rain.


Sabrina said...

Oh my old sewing machine is just gathering dust in the corner. Poor thing. I have much sewing I would like to do, however.

Thanks to you I now have lovely images of Spring rain gathering in my head. Ah.

Levin (and Emily) said...

my youngest starts school next year too! I'm going to miss him terribly - he's my big helper. Why do they have to grow up so quickly. Why does nine months gestation take an eternity and yet five years goes in a flash???

Bird Bath said...

They grow so much in that year during kindy...sounds like she has really bloomed in confidence :)