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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

::: A Party Dress :::

I squeezed in some time last week to make "big sister Mia" a party dress for Sunday. I used the Jiffy Dress pattern again and went with some contrasting pockets this time.
And another red vintage button.....
Plus a matching hair clip.
Second time around produced a much better fit and some neater sewing skills from the maker.

Sunday afternoon went very well. I will post some photo's at a later date once I have collected and collaborated them all. Being a host leaves little time to remember and get quality photo's of everything which I am a little sad about but between all the guests I am certain I will gather some gems to preserve the occasion. I am still feeling quite sad at my little boy bidding farewell to his first year and now as he is starting to toddle around I am really aware of saying goodbye to my babe. Both my "babes" should be quite satiated with extra snuggles the last few days as their mama tries to inhale some more precious passing moments.


Bird Bath said...

lucky big sister. The dress is gorgeous - such lovely fabric.

Sabrina said...

Adorable dress! Love the all the details. Mia must have felt like a super special big sis to receive a dress like that.

Can't wait to hear more on the party. And I can relate too well to the trouble with photographing when one is playing host of a party.

Levin (and Emily) said...

beautiful party dress.
i love the vintage button - too cute.