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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Bread rolls and family fabric....

I've been using this tablecloth a lot lately. It's one of Thelma's. I'd say a more "modern" acquisition. It reminds me a lot of my early childhood...evening meals, picnics and gatherings. I love it.

And how funky are those colours and that border?

The other night I made some bread rolls to go with our dinner from this recipe.
These were so fresh from the oven when I took this picture that I was nursing a slightly burnt finger.

I love how you make the yeast prove manually in this recipe and not just throw everything into a bread machine and press the button. It is a much better recipe to the bread rolls I usually make. I remembered how much I just love the smell of fresh yeast in the kitchen.

My tablecloth hosted our home cooked meal beautifully. I don't remember my Grandmother baking bread but I'm sure she did in the early days. I'll have to ask Mum. I do remember there always being fresh vienna loaves from the bakery, the wooden breadboard (I can picture it clearly), the bone handled butter knife and the smell of the kitchen and it's wood burning stove. If you want to bring a tear to your eye (on the theme of baking bread and Grandmothers) I recommend you read this beautiful post.

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rhonda jean said...

Hello there. I'm so pleased the recipe worked well for you and that you like it. There is nothing quite like baking bread, is there?

Your garden is looking great. What a great pumpkin that is.