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Monday, May 5, 2008

Green Goodness

I thought I'd quickly share a few backyard happenings.
I finished my new veg bed...number 5 (well almost...I need to add more compost to the layers as I really don't think I have enough nitrogen producing goodies in there yet). It's only a littly, this bed, but is providing more lovely growing space nonetheless and will hopefully produce some yummies for us in the future. This pic was taken pre-assembly of my attractive fowl and canine repelling fence. Better a little bit of ugly than a whole lot of heartbreaking destruction. My black Russian tomato is displaying it's first flowers. They are so large and dense....just lovely. And look at all that tomato hairiness.
Here's one of my "jaggerty lanterns" (thanks pooh bear) growing on the shed roof. The hear the neighbours have been eyeing it off. I have 3 at the moment, losing one I'm thinking to fruit fly (?)...it was the one I hand pollinated. Hubby says that's what I get for trying to play god. ;)
And my, soon to be munched, lettuce is looking so lovely I had to include them. What wonderful greenness.

Happy gardening.....

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Violet said...

What are you going to plant in the new garden bed? Your Jaggerty Lantern (LOL) looks amazing..well done!!