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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Reaped and Sowed.....

Yesterday I finally got to sowing my winter seeds. Some straight into the garden and others into seed trays, aka egg cartons, to be eventually broken up by their cells when the seedlings emerge and planted directly. I've heard both good and bad reports over using egg cartons but we'll see how they go for me.
I just added a bag of organic compost, delivered by the council in exchange for some (well quite a bit) of our excess green waste during the week, along with some cow poo to our new bed for the directly sown seed and we invested in a little seed raising mix for the seeds sown in the trays.
I'm very excited to have new babies to fuss over and watch.
We are now looking forward to also eating Red Winter Kale, Rainbow Chard, more Lettuce, Red Onions and Wild Rocket from our garden.

And, for the moment we have picked our first little handful of french beans which went beautifully with our organic roast chicken for dinner. Yeah we splurged. Meat, especially organic meat is becoming a kind of luxury around here at the moment (not really a bad thing....but a little difficult for a hard working man to forfeit).
Anyway, at the end of the day, it was all admired and appreciated over a nice beer while the aroma of chicken roasting wafted out the kitchen window and the sound of Mia befriending and playing with the children staying at our other neighbours gently filled my ears. A very satisfying beginning, middle and end.


Bird Bath said...

looking forward to see the winter garden progress - sounds like you tend to it very carefully. I just managed to whack in a bit of ginger root in my garden.....It's very sporadic garden around here.

Sabrina said...

While you're plucking beans from the garden, I am just sowing my bean seeds. I can't wait till I'm out picking from the garden.