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Friday, May 23, 2008

Being Mindful

Mia slept with us last night, a fairly recent and regular occurrence.
It got me thinking about being a mindful and conscious parent. Sometimes when she just won't settle in her bed or creeps in in the middle of the night I inwardly and more often outwardly groan (especially if it's been a rough day) about the intrusion, on both my space and my sleep. But those warm middle of the night cuddles and opening my eyes to a huge cheesy and still sleepy smile just inches from my face makes all the sideways kicks to the ribs and wacks on the side of my nose worthwhile. Besides, the acting out of consuming dream meringues and marshmallows is also amusing entertainment!
Sometimes our days are tough, not rosy at all. Sometimes our days feel filled with raised voices on the battleground of our home and not filled with laughter and play. Sometimes our days are repetitive and mundane, sometimes they are unorganised, messy and impatient and not smooth, fun and beautiful.
Often though I have "moments", little flashes of perfection and joy gifted from my children and these moments I try so hard to consciously commit to memory, to, however briefly, wallow in them, feel them and taste them....be mindful of them. Because I know that one day the battles will be fought and the battleground quiet, the games played and long put away, the house will be clean and time will again be to my desire alone .....and there will be no gorgeous little people desiring to cuddle and sleep in my bed with me in the middle of the night and I know I will miss it and surely grieve for it all.
Tonight if Mia wants to sleep in my bed, it's ok....I promise not to groan. She says she misses me in her bed.....she probably does. She says she is never going to have her own house and that she will live with me forever.....she most probably (definitely) won't..... I'll take the "intrusion" while it's on offer thanks.
I've had these cards for years....well four to be exact. I pulled this one out today.


Sabrina said...

Well spoken. I can relate to many of the sentiments here. Thanks for reminding me to wallow in those joyful moments with my children.

Bird Bath said...

Oh yes, parenting has it's high and lows :)and so many moments to treasure.

Emily said...

Such a beautiful post. It relates so much to where I am in parenting right now. I just discovered your blog and I really enjpy your pictures and inspiration! Thanks

Levin (and Emily) said...

oh - this post really hit home for me. louis is four and still has to come in most nights for a cuddle. he says i'm warm and he misses me. this week he has been sick and feverish and i've had very little sleep and i'm frustrated but then he said....'you make me feel better' and i realised it's important for him to have cuddles.
it just gets a little silly when his six year old brother comes in because he's lonely too and the four of us get very little sleep.
i do treasure them though - so, so much.

Sherrin said...

This is such a lovely, beautiful post. It really struck a chord. Thanks. :o)