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Friday, May 2, 2008

The Painting Wall

Earlier in our week we got creative. The day that I managed to squeeze in some significant (for me) garden changes, digging and dipping of hands in beautiful dirt, Mia had used all the garden tools and hammered about all she could manage to hammer in the garden. She needed to "create" and release some artistic endeavors on something else.
We have a "dead" patch of yard at the moment, recently cleared. It was time for some nature art to brighten it up.
This only lasted a short while...colours not quite vivid enough....a little restrictive in size etc. So.....having a first bright idea for a while now, Mummy dragged out some old board stashed beside the shed, forgotten after it's removal from our bathroom where it formed the backing of a very dodgy cupboard. Well actually it wasn't forgotten for a little while back when it was being slowly diminished piece by piece as I used it for disposable palates for my oil paintings (how I long to get back to that!).
After nailing it onto one of our fences it became a huge world of textures, colours, wonderful tactile "mushiness" and characters of any and all imagining. A wonderful artistic world to lose ourselves in for a while. It has been transforming every time we use it, like a living creature. Each time I walk out the back door now I am hit by colour out of the corner of my eye. An ever changing piece of outdoor garden art. And there it will live waiting for the next idea, escape, creation and rather large bit of fun!
And what's even more fun than this is being able to paint with our feet (and bottoms if we choose) firmly wedged in the sandpit!
(please excuse the inside out nature of the artists attire but who cares what you wear when you're creating right?)


Violet said...

oh wow..what a lovely creative idea. :-)

Sherrin said...

that's such a great idea! My boys would love that!

Sabrina said...

Oh how wonderful...an open air art studio. I think my children need one also.