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Sunday, March 2, 2008

It's Autumn!!

It's Autumn! ...... I love feeling the seasons change. It was so brisk and cool early this morning. The shadows are longer and the sun is streaming into the house reaching places and lighting streaks across the floor where it hasn't for quite some time. Mum was right...early morning definately IS the best part of the day.
The air is fresh and feels crisp on the skin...the tiles are cold on bare feet greeting the floor after the warmth of bed, the birds are still singing with the sun, and...it's quiet, peaceful.....most people are still asleep. You can almost fool yourself you're not in "the burbs".
It's Easter too this month and I've been busy making some Easter "nests" for the kids. They've just evolved from my original idea as I've been sewing them and I'm pretty stoked with the end result, above. This one is Mia's and I'm still working on Bam's.......
The calico is from some old curtains of mine, while the panel, lining and striped edging fabrics belonged to my Grandmother.....so all in all a lovely keepsake for the littlies I think.
The garden copped some Autumn battering very early this morning (Thanks kids for the wake up! ;) ). Yes we became "those" neighbours you curse at for using power tools at 7am on a Sunday.....sheesh who would have thunk it?.....forgive us! Kyle got the chainsaw out and we now have a completely clear corner by the chicken coop! My consolation is that I can extend the coop so the chooks can remain contained and my garden safe (and no more poop on the verandah) and we will slowly construct a play fort/cubby for Mia in the newly reclaimed space. Wow we had more yard than we thought. I breathed a small sigh of relief though when the chainsaw started to rebel by dropping it's chain. Hehe gives the man some time to regroup before it turned into a situation where I would find the entire yard demolished!
I also got in and tamed the weeds choking the paths between my vege beds and cut back some of the passionfruit vine that was eyeing off the neighbours trees. I also removed all the tomatoes and sunflowers in prep for our winter veg beds, picked a few more fig leaf beetles from my fig tree (little buggers are back! the war is not over yet), made space for some of my smaller papaya trees and planted out my avocado seedling. My peach tree sits still in it's pot in the middle of the lawn in limbo while I play ping pong in my head about where it will "live". I haven't yet got to the shed to tame the pumpkins that have quickly progressed from a march to a sprint over the shed and beyond, beyond beyooooond!
I hope the neighbours like pumpkin soup!

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