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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What a Day.......

We've all got "The Sickies" here.....an eeeeevil cold.
Little if no sleep was had last night.....the poor little man was having trouble breathing and waking every hour.
I woke this morning to the broadband still not working....a big deal considering my net addiction. "Two days someone will get back to me to fix it" they say!
I need the net today to do something for Kyle who is stuck at work down the coast. That's the end of my plans for the tootsies to stay under my throw and in my flanno jimmy jams!
So off we bundle when baby Bam wakes, into the car and off to Mum and Rog's and their computer with our toot roll....yes, timely we should run out of tissues now. While there I decide to be brave, take the plunge and join in the shopping tote swap over at Down To Earth.
Yay something nice to look forward to, so back home we go.
I get home to find the Internet was now miraculously working just fine. *sigh*
Time for some more cheering up......

To the kitchen then where Mia and I baked some not so health inducing plum jam drops.....yummm. A rather nice smile now graces our very red nosed faces.....pity we couldn't smell them baking.

Poor Bam is still wakeful and unhappy this afternoon....no jam drops for him. But what better place to be when miserable than snuggled to your Mummy's chest. Kinda makes me feel better too.

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