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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Brunch.....

Sunday brunch this morning was home baked WHO bread. And may I say yummmm. So so glad we came across this recipe. The name has evolved a little in our house to "owl" bread.
We got to share with "Grandma" and "Grandad" who arrived with minutes to spare of it coming hot out of the machine.....yes we made the machine version ( I know). The acoustic is next I promise!
We indulged with warm tea, and despite my struggles still to taste and smell anything it was thoroughly enjoyable. There is something so wholesome and comforting about eating homemade bread and knowing exactly what's in it, along with the spirit that was in the kitchen when all the ingredients were carefully put together. Now what little remains is going over to the neighbours! Something so good has to be shared.

I hadn't posted this little cutie yet. Another of Mia's kindy creations inspired by the incubator and eggs they had in the classroom the other week to watch hatch. Amazing. Amazing. Life's wonders never stop. Even simply watching chickens hatch. Nature is incredible isn't it?

I had to control myself from letting Mia put her hand up for a little black chick. I've always wanted black chooks. Our two big girls would not have taken to any new addition at this stage too kindly though I'm afraid.

For now our own girls and this new little rainbow chick on the fridge will suffice.....

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