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Saturday, March 15, 2008

I've fallen in Love with......

ATC's! I soooo love these right now. I discovered them quite a while ago (here's some recent examples) on this blog by Dot where I also discovered her Dotee Dolls.....I have so many of these little pets floating in imagination land but have not yet been able to capture the time among my other projects and life's happening to immortalise any yet. I'm getting a little itchy!

Ahh and now ATC's are also making me restless....so while colouring with Mia in the spare, literally, 5 minutes before her swimming lesson this morning I whipped up, in a speedy smokin' spinning ATC colour, paste and sewing frenzy, this trifle amateur and somewhat cheesy experimental rendition of my very first ATC for her..... teehee

Well, I kinda like it.... *smile*

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