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Sunday, August 3, 2008

::: Mulch and Magic :::

Knowing our lovely neighbours were having some large trees cut down from their yard this weekend I had discreetly mentioned my desire for some delicious mulch for my gardens.

Well it turns out the tree loppers mulched it all in the truck on their driveway and there was an absolute mountain! They didn't want to take it away with them surprisingly so when the phone rang with the offer of my mulch I replied with a loud and happy "yes!" as I ran out the door and down the road babe in arms and girl trailing behind to check it out and have a chat.

Between our two houses we only took a portion of what there was, the majority generously being for me. So very lucky and so very busy with all the hands we could muster to barrow and bucket it up the road.
Half shifted and half wonderful play mountain.

It now surrounds the cubby house and fills all gardens and just the vegetable paths.

And amazingly, look what popped up in the cubby square over the course of the afternoon. A perfect roost for a little bottom. The Faeries must have been about when we weren't looking......or was it "Bob"??

I've heard these things magically breed too......there will be more.....don't they just make you smile?


Bird Bath said...

that is a lotta mulch! what a great score - it will be right at home in your incredibly productive garden!! The toadstool is marvellous.

p.s. You are the winner of my winter gift away so if you email me (via my profile page) your address I will send it to you asap

Sabrina said...

I've never seen such a mushroom in person. How very amazing..it almost looks too perfect to be real. I love the vintage feel of the mulch mountain photo...and that reminds me that I need to dash out to get some wood chips.