...Homemade Rainbows...

Friday, August 15, 2008

::: 100 Posts :::

This is my 100th post!
Time for some changes to the blog, something different to look at.... and some goodies!
It's modest, but in keeping with tradition and because I kinda really like to give things to people (and because I have been the lucky recipient of one too!)...... I'd like to offer a giveaway!

Mine is a little colourful rainbow inspired mix of goodies....something for creating; something for the kitchen; something for the garden; something for the body, and some things to look at and hopefully uplift the spirit.

So there it is..... some homemade soap; that fabric pompom; two little Mister Blue Birds (how much do you love that mobile!); some large vintage fabric swatches; some yoyo's; a little bundle of what's left of my handmade paper; a Rainbow Food book; a bunch a cute vintage buttons, and a pinch of some of my organic seeds for your garden......(of course these are dependent on where you live. I will clarify but I'm sure international plus WA and Tassie are out sorry.)

So please leave a comment, even if you never have before, and I will draw a winner from "the bowl of unknown origin" sometime next week.
I'm actually quite nervous about this... if no one comments I will shed a tear because, of course ;), it will mean no one likes or wants my stuff!...

Good luck! and thanks for reading my little blog.


Sabrina said...

Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous array of goodies! Will you please enter me in this most fabulous contest?

Kelly said...

What a fantastic giveaway. You have an amazing garden and I keep hoping that some of your green finger magic will rub off on me. Thanks for a great blog and congrats on 100 posts.

Kathy said...

Oh wow! I'd feel like a bit of a cheat if I won, but I couldn't help leaving a comment.

Good luck!

sarahau said...

I have just found your blog recently so feel a bit guilty entering so dont include me. i just wanted to say love your blog and Congrats on 100 posts!

Philigry said...

oh, great give away! Love the buttons!

Sabrina said...

PS- Love your new blog header picture!

Alexis said...

Hi, I've never commented before, but I'd love to be included in the giveaway drawing.

Your blog is lovely!

Rest is not idleness said...

I've just found your blog recently too, so don't include me as like sarahau I too would feel a bit guilty. I'm enjoying slowly working my way through your posts. I have only just reached 50 posts on my own blog, so congratulations on reaching 100 posts.


iRiS said...

Well Ive just found your blog too and YES enter me hahahaha

The rainbow of goodies look amazing so of course I would be over the moon or is that rainbow? if I won hahahahaa!

Im doing a party dress giveaway at the moment too so know the stress of hoping people will enter hahaha

if no one does I will have to log in as annonymous and post comments just to make myself feel better heehehe

but I see you wont have that problem your already have 9 comments:)

good luck to all who enter!