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Monday, August 11, 2008

Homemade Soap....

The cheats (and chickens) way.
I've wanted to make my own soap for the longest time but my fear of using lye and not having any uninterrupted child-free time has stopped me....until, that is, I found this recipe. It is far from my ideal and I feel uncomfortable with the lux as I don't like artificial "perfume" but I had to try it out and satisfy my need to give it a go.
We made this batch over a week ago and I have to say it has cured better than I expected. The soapy smell has settled significantly and it is really quite lovely to use. I do think however it needs a longer curing time as it still feels a little soft.

This lot is bergamot, oat and nasturtium.

When I brave the "real" homemade natural stuff my recipe of choice will be this one....it comes with an excellent, excellent tutorial, but I also have my eye on this recipe as well. In the meantime we will all enjoy being that much extra clean.


Sherrin said...

ooohhh homemade soap! I want to try this.

Also -I've passed on an award and a happiness meme to you... come visit and find out more! :o)

Sabrina said...

That soap looks so pretty and must smell great(I love bergamot!) I think you should pat yourself on the back rather than think you're a cheat.