...Homemade Rainbows...

Friday, August 29, 2008

a stolen moment

Usually before our dinner in the afternoons, after Kyle gets home, we spend some time just "being outside" together. We chat... I may potter about just looking at my patch, pulling a weed or two, daydreaming or just watering (this is how I get to know my garden best).....or we simply sit and watch the little ones play (wildly) with a wine in hand before the chaos of eating, bath and bed time. Why is this time so turbulent? You can imagine, not to my later benefit (I take a while to learn) that we enjoy this "outside" time so much we prolong it often.

Today after a busy week of settling home, catching up on laundry, restocking a very empty pantry, back to kindy and replacing lost belongings I stole a moment by myself. Just a moment amongst all that I have in mind that I should and would like to be doing right now.

I stepped outside to renew our fresh jasmine blossoms that are adorning every room. Our house is thick again with it's sweetest perfume, as I anticipated it would be.
I will enjoy it's enticing reminder of Springs coming.

I know we will steal away again today, after everyone returns back to our nest this afternoon, for more outside togetherness to start our weekend.....just don't tell them I've already had some with myself.


Kathy said...

Look at your grass!

handmaiden said...

I can smell that jasmine

Rest is not idleness said...

I love the smell of jasmine too, seeing yours makes me think that I should get a plant next autumn. At the moment I have some freesias inside and they are scenting the entire house.


Sabrina said...

Oh I think you deserve that time for
yourself... I think it's so important for mamas (and papas!) to have little
peace each day. I'm trying to figure out ways to get a little of that time for myself as well.

I would love a handful of that jasmine to perfume my house!