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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Made my Tuesday.....

Yesterday was one of "those" days and this morning wasn't looking much better. But I have just found I have been given an award from Sherrin at Starashan and it's made my morning. Thanks Sherrin! I'd like to join in and maybe make someone else's day so I am going to pass it on too. My awards go to....
Mama Craft
Bluebirds Do Fly
I Wannabe Crafty
Sherrin also passed on a Tree of Happiness award and in the shoes of Sherrin I'm going to pass it on to the same four people with no obligation whatsoever....just that their blogs and comments make me happy.

So....this is very timely because I spent the afternoon of my dreadful day yesterday outside consciously noticing things that I found beautiful or that made me happy, so I have a ready and very current supply!!

The six things that make me happy right now are:::

(1) I made this fabric pompom yesterday......it makes me happy.

(2) Hot jasmine tea in the warm afternoon sun makes me happy.

(3) Watching Mia draw portraits of all our dogs in chalk and then lean over and grab a snack to nibble straight from the garden. What better place to create some artwork than the garden...the vege garden that is.....which makes me very happy!
(4) The striking contrast of colours on my Kale as I was picking the veges for dinner. It is getting more beautiful as it matures. It is Red Winter. The purple is almost fluorescent against the green of the leaf...I wish this photo did it justice. Watching my garden grow and the beauty in simple veg makes me happy!
(5) This lone little gerbera flower that has just popped up in our front garden. Our front yard is very tropical with various palms, tropical shrubs, bougainvillia, ixora, frangipani, cordylines and bromeliads...with another avocado and oddbod feijoa thrown in...you get the picture. It gets little attention other than our enjoyment so when these old gerberas pop up from almost nowhere, their pretty little faces make me happy.
(6) And 6...well 6 is my excitement over almost reaching my 100th post and gathering together a few little goodies because bravely I would like to offer a giveaway too. Giving gifts to people makes me really happy! Stay tuned!

Thanks Sherrin I think I could actually go on but will save them for now. ;)

I hope everyone can find some happy in their day today.


Kathy said...

Oh aren't you lovely.
You've made me smile :)

I know I don't comment alot, but I'm a Homemade Rainbows addict ;) I can't wait for the day you start selling some of your creativity online or at the markets *hint hint*

x K

Levin (and Emily) said...

you've made me happy now too!
i love your six things that make you happy - i can relate to most of them although we are not lucky enough to have a beautiful gerbra growing in the garden.
hope your day continues to be cheery.

Sabrina said...

Thank you, thank you!! You're so sweet. I've been meaning to make a "Happy List" for a little while now. So important to appreciate the beauty that surrounds each of us.

Sherrin said...

yay, lovely post!! great happy stuff. I love your photos, too- the kale looks incredible. Thanks for playing along. :o) I love your new header, by the way!