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Monday, July 14, 2008

::: The Chateau :::

Are you ready?

I'm so excited and thrilled with this projects completion. Remember I'm a simple girl.

Well finally after my original post about these "extensions and renovations" I am ready to lift the veil.

Yes, our house may be some of the things I mentioned in that post...but I like it that way. It keeps us connected as a family, close and more entwined in each others lives and happenings, nurturing what I hope to be a continually bonded and open family.

"The Girls" however? Well, they needed more space....

Here's the new front door..... it just needs the builders hand print...(and a new sign).

And here it is...... "Chateau Chook"!

The garden bed down the left side is already sprouting comfrey for greens for the girls and garden fertiliser, and the bed down the right, which has been claimed for the moment as a sun bed for the dogs, will grow a grapevine come spring...if you look closely you can just make out the wire strung across the outside to hold it's leafy tendrilly canes.

What used to be the chookies entire house has now become the bedroom alone....

I'm certain they are very happy. Max unfortunately is not as there are no more free egg breakfasts. Oh well.

When my girls are not free ranging now I can easily throw treats and greens over to them to scratch in as I potter the garden.

And....the even more exciting news.....we are extending the family! (No sorry no more babies) We are on the adoption waiting list for two new baby girls. We are hoping to get our phone call sometime next month to go and bring them home with us and I am waiting with baited breath. They are like gold, a fairly old and rare breed here. They should look something like this sleepy little one when we pick them up. Not a great photo but I will wait to reveal their true identity at a later date.

And, a commendatory note to our very own Bob the Builder......Thank you Roger, you did such a fantastic job and I am very very grateful! You're cleverness, your ideas and creations are always treasured and appreciated more than words can say. Lots and lots of eggs (hopefully) and parsley (I'll grow some curly leaf just for you) coming your way!


Anonymous said...

Oh you're so cheeky!
You certainly had me thinking you were pregnant with triplets and extending your house into a three storey mansion!

I love it! I can't imagine where it is in your yard though?

x K

Sabrina said...

Oh this is wonderful- especially the door and the egg box. Those lucky chickens! You did have me in suspense, I was thinking maybe perhaps another baby was on the way.

Me said...

Sorry guys! ;) The only family extending happening here at the moment is of the animal variety.
Kathy it is in the back corner of the yard....at the bottom of the new stone steps!

Bird Bath said...

A stunning development! The pink boudiour is especially chic - the girls should feel so happy in their new home :)