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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dreaming of Africa....

Well maybe more Marrakesh.
These gorgeous golden bulbs of sourness did not come from Morocco however but were amongst another bag full of naturally grown citrus goodness from Pottsville given to me on Sunday.
This is about my third or fourth bag this year and each time I keep promising to make some Moroccan preserved lemons....I can't keep putting them in my Corona's can I?

So I made some yesterday. I altered the instructions as my jars were only small and couldn't fit whole ones....especially of this girth. I just salted the quarters and threw in a few cloves and peppercorns (if I had cinnamon sticks in the pantry I would have added those as well and maybe a bay leaf) plus some extra juice and....squish and shake.
These should cure over about a month and last about 6 months...ready for spring and summer salads, olives and maybe a last minute warming indulgent winter tagine. I'll shake and turn them every day.

And still on my intercontinental kitchen journeying and again ending some procrastination on the subject I plucked some of my mint, which has been loving the overnight rain, while out picking peas for dinner this morning. It was time to actually make that Moroccan mint tea I love so much.

So into the teapot it went with some nice organic green tea, steaming water and sugar (I just kept it at a teaspoon...not tablespoons like those sweet toothed traditionalists love so much).

Mmmm I've just finished my first cup now.

I'm going to make some mint syrup that Sabrina has made on her blog next!

And when I can get my hands on lots more lemons I have bigger plans for them too.


Gill - That British Woman said...

As we are in the midst of summer here, I have to wait for "Lemon Season" then I will be making lemon curd like there is no tomorrow with the lemons!!!!

Gill from Canada

Sabrina said...

Oh wow- preserved lemon sounds like quite a treat. Those jars look so enticing and appropriately exotic dressed up with the pretty fabric and beads.

I think I need to put my current lime obsession on hold and go pick up a bag of lemons instead. I want preserved lemons too!

Your mint looks great- is it spearmint? Hope you enjoy the mint syrup.

Bird Bath said...

I've wanted to preserve lemons for some years now...I think you have given me the push ahead I need to finally have a go!

Kathy said...

Ohhh yummo!
I love the beaded ties.
x K