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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Snowy Crunch

We've been munching our snow peas straight from the garden for a little while now....mostly plucked by little fingers and eaten immediately....and a few are kindly shared with whoever is lucky enough to be pottering or working in the garden at that moment.
I thought it was about time to have a decent harvest for a full meal or two before they continue to dissipate slowly over the season in this indulgent pattern. Really there is nothing wrong or more satisfying and pleasing than nibbling straight from the garden....besides the regular plucking is actually great to encourage more flowering and therefore more crispy flat green pods of sweetness..... except my intention was to feed the family via family meals with the precious things we grow. So half my little cache yesterday went home with "Bob the Builder" and most of the other half along with some greens from the patch went into our salad to accompany dinner.
There are plenty of pods out there still maturing nicely and more delicate little white petal faces bowing there heads so I'm sure (and am looking forward to) more backyard plucking and munching will resume while we water, work and potter in the next few days, and then hopefully month or so....who knows if we control ourselves again we may even manage a few more meals as well.


Sabrina said...

Snow peas are a favorite around here and we also have a bit of a problem getting them into a meal before they are devoured. No pea pods here quite yet...I'm counting the days!

Sabrina said...

PS: Your peas and salad look gorgeous (and yummy!)

Levin (and Emily) said...

i don't think I ever got to cook one of our beans - the boys would eat them before they made it inside. i didn't mind though - all that healthy goodness and it's part of the fun of gardening.
your salad looks gorgeous.

lilyflax said...

This year I hope my sow peas will be as sucessfull