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Saturday, June 21, 2008

:::Happy Solstice:::

It's Winter Solstice here today.
I might work on going to celebrate at Northey street tonight....
Wandering the garden yesterday evening I thought I would capture the last rays of the sun before the shortest day was to grace us. The sky was quite breathtaking as a quick and thick wad of stormy cloud carrying a brief shower of heavy raindrops had passed us by just moments before.

It seems as if to mark the event, last night was particularly cold and I spent a good portion of my sleep in deep shivers under the covers of my bed.

But today sees the sun shining brightly and us collecting a few rocks from the yard to make our own simple balancing stone pile for our table. For Mia we made it to represent the Winter and her magnetic desire to mesh the outdoors with the indoors. For me, other than the artistic merit and today's symbolism, I haven't quite worked out my longstanding attraction to it yet - perhaps it's some unbalanced aspect of my persona (I am certain I have plenty) I am unconsciously trying to bring into equilibrium. Have a look at some amazing examples here.
Happy Winter Solstice.


Sabrina said...

What a lovely way to mark the Solstice! And that link to the rock sculptures is cool. Makes me want to go down to the creek and make my own. Enjoy your days as they grow longer.

Bird Bath said...

lovely shots of the sky,looks especially beautiful that solstice eve.