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Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Festival that is.....

Mia's Birth Anniversary continues all weekend, kicked off by her dinner of choice...pasta...last night with Grandpa as her guest, who generously provided a wonderfully large and most indulgent choccy mud Birthday cake.

By the time we entertain and host all family that want to celebrate Mia it has been known (but not this year....leftovers sound particularly suitable at present) to end in at least 3 meals, 3 cakes, 3 birthday songs over 3 days.....I've decided therefore to rename this time "Festival" rather than Birthday.

Today and tomorrow we are anticipating more family for lunches of homemade pizza and more cake...and fun! ~ My heart feels overflowing for her as I'm sure she couldn't feel more loved having streams of family and friends coming and going all for her.

As she lay tired at our feet late last night snuggled in her flannelet pyjamas... well tired in a Mia way that doesn't necessarily represent the stereotypical tired of quiet and stillness...she turned to us and said in a gentle voice "Thank You for my Birthday".

Thank you so much for your warm wishes and comments yesterday also.


Bird Bath said...

what a great idea - a festival! and her crown looks perfect.

Philigry said...

happy birthday to your sweet girl!

Levin (and Emily) said...

a birthday festival sounds mighty fine to me!
i come from a large family and we seem to manage to spread it out over three days too - so much fun (but sometimes a little tiring too).
i hope mia finds much happiness in being 4.