...Homemade Rainbows...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Break in the Wintry Cloud......

There's been a couple of rays of sunshine this morning....I write excitedly as it quickly starts to cloud over and the light dramatically fade again. I can still hear the sound of stormwater running off down under the road. It's been raining and I mean really raining here for days. Something that feels quite foreign to us drought-stricken folk but very relieving. It's been lovely and the ground is well and truly soaked.
Like a Mother Hen I've been worried about my newly planted seeds being washed away and any seedlings smashed in the torrents. I've been dashing out between downpours here and there to check on them but they all seem to have managed to poke their little heads through already and even stand strong including the onions which I have been obsessing over a little due to their fragility. They're OK....a few lost but OK.

It's now officially Winter, since Sunday, and being quite busy I haven't spent a lot of time acknowledging it. We've been nursing both Daddy and Daughter with colds and busy making "nests" to snuggle up in on the couch, though our unseasonal weather is actually making it feel warmer than it was during Autumn. The germs seem to have departed today (I have been downing plentiful amounts of my beloved olive leaf extract) and hopefully if we have a larger break in the weather Mia and I can collect some items to make our Winter centrepiece.... and collect some more beans for dinner.....we are not only being inundated with water. Such abundance (I love that word...).


Levin (and Emily) said...

i'd like a bit of that rain here. i don't think we've really had enough - but hopefully there will be more to come.
our veggie garden is only newly planted - so no harvests at the moment - but soon!
we've all been sick here too and today julian has woken with another cold or his original cold back. perhaps he needs more time to get over it properly.
take care and stay warm.

Sabrina said...

Enjoy your rain and beans! Be well!