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Saturday, January 3, 2009

the new girls

It's pretty easy being the new girls in our house.
You get quite spoilt.... especially when it's been over a six month wait for your arrival!
We had some help, quite a while ago now, to make extensions in the backyard which resulted in this fabulous new palace for our two girls, Henrietta and Harriet, and in preparation for our "soon" to be expanding family of girls.
Well, after that six month wait on the adoption list I got to make that much anticipated drive to pick up our new two week old babies on the Saturday before Christmas.

I would like to introduce you, finally, to Prudence and Emmeline.

They are growing and changing so very quickly, as chicks do, so I wanted to share some of their earlier photo's while they are still mostly "chick-like". That cuteness, fluffiness and cheeping is all gone much too quickly and they are soon to fly the coop so to speak.

These little girls are pure bred Silver Laced Wyandottes, my new love....hence the long wait.....and so they are worth their weight in gold to me....but mostly because they are so darn cute.
They should look just like this when they are grown.... still very very beautiful birds.
For now, they still like to do all the things chooks like to do..... scratch for bugs, sun themselves....sticking together all the way.....but they get to sleep warm, cosy and safely inside in their straw bed once the sun starts to go down....the benefits of being so small.

Yes it's not too bad at all being the new girls here...


Madeline said...

Oh, my stars, there going to be beautiful chicks when they are grown! I love having chickens. Which reminds me, I should post pics of mine one of these days.

karenjane said...

welcome prudence and emmeline! i had a look at the link to a grown hen and it looks amazing, well worth the wait. can you tell their sex at this age? if so how? have fun with the little babes:)

Amber said...

What a gorgeous post. What precious girls. I am completely in love.
I have had a silver laced before and they are beautiful chooks. I can't wait to get more updates..xx

Sherrin said...

Lucky you! I would love chooks. They look like they're pretty happy with their new pad too! :o)