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Saturday, October 11, 2008

::: Six Things :::

I have been tagged by Amber from the charming Nutrients of Life to play along and share six ordinary things about myself and six blogs I love to read. I am cheating a little on this one, sorry Amber, and invite anyone who feels like it to play along...... for full details on how to play have a look here at Amber's blog.
All my favourite blogs are listed in my sidebar....have a look!

Six Things::::

* I wear thongs 365 days of the year
* I have a fear of Dentists (lucky I have great teeth, Thanks Mum) Bee's and Hairdressers (which is why my hair is verging on ridiculously long....for the moment)
* I sing loudly when driving in the car.....my poor little ones ;)
* I am a homebody....at the risk sometimes of seeming antisocial. I love home, I love my space, I love to potter, I love to entertain at home...I love my house full of people.
* I get itchy feet at each change of season....to pack up and find my other slice of paradise....an old house in the country or by the beach with rolling acres, a hobby farm and sprawling kitchen garden.
* I have a dream to visit Italy....and maybe have a three month artist retreat in Tuscany...you know, writing, painting, thinking, walking, eating, drinking wine.....not very original I know but wouldn't it be divine?


kayla said...

very nice blog best of luck i would love to visit italy

Amber said...

I too would love to go to Tuscany...there is a place at the Hunter Valley vineyards not far from here that has maintained a very Tuscan feel and I just love it.

Take care and thanks playing along

Linda said...

The photo is just beautiful. I spent a lot of time as a child going through those kinds of pebbles.

Thanks for your kind words on my blog.

Sabrina said...

Oh- the colors in that photo are so pretty! What special treasures nature gifts.

I can relate to the homebody-ism...me to a tee.

Linda said...

I decided to play along.