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Monday, October 20, 2008

Purple Haze

I wonder, if you are in my part of the world, whether you are loving the many many stunning pockets of soft mauve that seem to have appeared out of nowhere, as much as I am?

It's Jacaranda season.

It always amazes me every year how such beautiful trees can quietly sit for the longest time. In virtual anonymity they grow until they bust forth in complete lilac flower and show us just how many there are hiding camouflaged amongst the mass of green.
It is a true sign of Spring and has also become a sign of exam season for our school leavers.
We have also been blessed with the arrival of our storm bird (aren't they handsome)....visiting from very far away. So named because their visits were once a true sign of our summer and our summer storms...now an indicator I feel of how our weather patterns have changed over the years.
I say "our" storm bird because, although we rarely sight him, I'm pretty sure I recognise him every year, a lone wolf, who seems to enjoy a regular early arrival and a late departure.....well who doesn't really when you're on holiday?
Maybe he enjoys relishing in our purple haze too.


Amber said...

What lovely birds they are. I love things that mark certain seasons. The sounds and smells provoke a familiar feeling.
Lovely post

Anne said...

I love the purple haze too!...;)

Levin (and Emily) said...

jacarandas signal the approaching festive season for me. when the jacarandas started flowering here in adelaide, my father would start on the christmas letters for europe. generally they were only sent once the flowers were dead - he was a bit of a procrastinator - but he always started early!

Sabrina said...

That first photo is just magical. I can only dream of how amazing those flowers must be in person. Everything here is slowly turning to mellow autumnal shades. Enjoy the season.

Thanks so much for your kind post to our family's sorrow.