...Homemade Rainbows...

Thursday, March 31, 2011


Yesterday it rained.
A steady all day kind of rain.
It was a day for nesting indoors
and drinking tea
and listening to the lorikeets gently chattering as they gorged their colourful selves on the fruits from my golden canes.
It's how I know it's almost April.


Anonymous said...

I too was enjoying their chirps as I sat inside listening to the rain. It was a glorious day for it.

Madeline said...

Beautiful photos and words. Hope you're finding peace.

Inoureyes said...

Hi Leanne.
Sorry to have been absent.... i have been listening quietly to you and watching the earth move around you for a while. It seems to be shifting here and there for many of us.
I hope that with all this shifting, that it is taking sadness away with itself. New ground can bring happiness as well as mystery.
Especially for a strong and wonderful mama like you.
Love muchly, Mel

Elflyn said...

Rain here too!
I love your words and photos. I hope the rain was cleansing for you as well.
I especially like your teacups in the last pic, I have some with a very similar shape, beautiful.
Thinking of you
Jen x

Amanda said...


denise said...

So much beauty!

convoswplants said...

such wonderous photos! they make me think how tiny beauty can be. i really like the one of the feather.