...Homemade Rainbows...

Monday, March 21, 2011

bassinettes, beads, bellies and babes

There's a new little soul about to join our clan in just a month or so
and we've been busy trying to honour the Mama-to-be in just the right ways.
The century old bassinet has re-emerged, waiting, fluffed and filled with images for every Mama-past of this family of their own sweet newborns tucked tenderly within it... myself and my own included.
We've celebrated in her home by filling it with loving friends each supporting and connecting with her through wishes, stories, henna, maybe a few cupcakes and a precious strand of birthing beads....
and again later we've symbolically shared and extended that connectedness amongst this tight clan of ours with henna too.... even though the men folk may have found the car racing just as enticing after... the imagery of them above touches my heart in the warmest way.
Our beautiful Jen is about to join the blessed ranks of Motherhood
and she is entering it surrounded by the most amazing women friends and loved ones...
and one sister whose soul is just shining to bursting for her right now.


Elflyn said...

It looks like a wonderful Blessingway, there is nothing better than connection in your tribe.
Beautiful womenfolk sharing and connecting (and menfolk too).
Blessings for the Mama to be.

Madeline said...

So exciting! Congrats to the mama to be! What a beautiful baby belly she has.

Tricia said...

"century old bassinet" - absolutely lovely. How sweet to have had so many babies share such a sweet treasure.

Jen said...

Thank You Thank You Thank You for a wonderful day!! I am soooooe xcited to be sharing this journey with you! Love you lots x