...Homemade Rainbows...

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Yesterday saw my boy and I stealing my lovely sister from her office and tripping off to our Mt Coot-tha Botanical Gardens.
I had in hand, ready to deliver personally, two postcards I had put together for Sophie Munns' open studio week in *Homage to the Seed" and in celebration of the UN International Year of Biodiversity. I wrote about Sophie's call for Seedy Postcards from the blogosphere here.

It was such a treat to meet Sophie and surround myself in her work in person. The beauty of her art and her passion for *spreading the message* together with the abundance of work was breathtaking to me...truly inspiring.
As was the web and feeling of community, the branching and connection of people through both the open studio and Sophie's clever idea for the mail art show. The postcards were so diverse in their origins and creativity and thought. Beautiful. You really must visit Sophie's blog to have a look at them all and to see other happenings of the week there.

So after the warmest chat with Sophie (what an astute and gracious lady), poring over Sophie's wonderful journals, admiring the beauty of her art on the walls, touching and holding the most amazing array of seeds and pods and capsules, learning about soap nuts and tasting delicious fresh lemon myrtle tea I left for home. But not empty handed or hearted...I left with my own twig of lemon myrtle leaves, the plan to start washing with soap nuts (oh yes...how amazing!), the desire to pick up my own paintbrush and oil paints again very soon but most touchingly a feeling of connection to something budding, authentic and joyful. Indeed Sophie is planting the seed.

And on this slightly blustery afternoon here I have stolen a quiet moment to sip my own freshly made lemon myrtle tea and think about the significance of these ideas and Sophie's work in *Homage to the Seed*.

Thank you Sophie for the time you spent with us yesterday...I could have stayed in that glorious space all day.


Inoureyes said...

I thought i knew the place you were at from your first picture. That is Ellie and my favorite hangout place. The gardens are just magical.
I bought a lemon myrtle plant a 10ish years ago. I am still yet to find a use for it. Would love for you to post some how to's.
Love Mel

nocton4 said...

great thoughtful post x

Amber said...

I love those days that transfrom your mood all day. Such a beautiful post as always sweet lady..xx

Molly @ Star Cottage said...

What a fabulous day ;) Thanks for sharing sophies blog and the cool project. You are both inspirations ;) Love the post cards!

Kristi said...

oh leanne...you sound so happy, spirited, and inspired.

Sophie Munns said...

Dear Leanne,
I wanted to thank you for this... coming home quite exhausted the other night it was such a delight to read your post...
All of us who create things in privacy wonder how it will be received when it sees the light of day... and given the multidimensional nature of this event... one hoped that this will be understood and well received.

Reading your honouring take on the experience (which was so enhanced by my offsider Marilena who brought the food story to life with her home produced garden items and lemon myrtle) was such an inspiration and so I made a post as a tribute for your sensitivity and appreciation!
in gratitude,

Madeline said...

What a day....full of such beautiful energy.