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Friday, July 9, 2010

down on the farm

Oh life is good down on the farm!

There is sea air to breathe, there are hills to whizz down in wooden rope driven go karts, there is walking to be done, waves to watch roll in, sandcastles to build, mangroves to explore and crabs and yabbies to try and catch.
There are dusky hours to steal away with Grandad fishing by the creek listening to a lone whip bird and watching the tide slowly flow in and then turn.
There are banksia trees to tangle your tackle in first cast and there are fish to be caught....and released back to their salty homes being not quite big enough for our dinner this time.

The sun we were following really only joined us in it's full glory for maybe one day....but it did not matter in the least.
We had sunny homemade lemonade to drink... juiced straight from the trees
and warm beds inside a beautifully crafted owner built country home...filled with new and old... family treasures passed down through time and all still holding their little pieces of their keepers. I really must get to photographing it all.
But best of all we had Grandad and Grandma and now the desire to escape back down there with them again soon.
But we are home now and in wind down mode for back to school next week.
I'm thinking the little man is going to be lost without his big sister for a while. They are a pretty inseparable pair which is warming to a Mama's heart.
So we are enjoying our last few full days together.
We all have a spring in our step here...
because life this last week was indeed very very good!


gardenmama said...

such gorgeous photos leanne!
i loved reading this : ) xo

Twig and Toadstool said...

I second that! Those pictures are gorgeous...and it just sounds enchanting!!!
xo maureen

sophie munns said...

Hi Leanne,
lovely photos... just wonderful... also the ones of your backyard fire caught my eye.
Just getting the final set up together for the Open Studio Week.
Somehow I imagine your life is a little on the too busy side to make it over...but if you do find a moment let me know when you might come so I can make time for a chat!

Madeline said...

Sounds heavenly! There's nothing in this world like grandparents...especially when they live on a farm. They become extra enchanting to little ones.

Kelly said...

Your pictures are always so enchanting and always touch my heart so, Leanne.
Fabulous wooden go cart and fishing with Grandad....what precious memories must have been made at this visit!


Your photos are always a pleasure. Thank you for sharing your beauty!

karen said...

what a beautiful time! i love the go cart

Kristi said...

i heart that fish photo.

Stephanie said...

I know I shouldn't be surprised by all of this extraordinary beauty, but I am.
So, so beautiful.

Levin said...

sounds like you had a perfectly wonderful holiday. i love the go cart - it reminds me of the one my brother made many years ago. it makes me feel sad that i got rid of my old pram - i wish my boys could make one.
we recently went on a holiday with my parents and i have to say that the thing that made me most happy was seeing my mum and dad with my boys - it's such a special relationship - one which i never had, and truly envy.

Patricia said...

That's a wonderful place!
Love the cart :)