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Saturday, June 26, 2010

planting the seed

In celebrating the UN International Year of Biodiversity and the exquisite work of Sophie Munns and her residency project "Homage to the Seed", there is a call out to all bloggers to get creative with mail art and create some postcards based on the theme of Seeds!
Sophie is the 2010 artist in residence at our Brisbane, Mt Coot-tha Botanical Gardens and the work she has been doing in highlighting the humble and actually most often fascinating and beautiful seed and it's global importance is truly inspiring.
Sophie recently said to me... "In working with cross-sections I am trying to draw attention to a way of looking at seeds and capsules that many aren't used to... so in the effort to draw people to look more closely at seeds, perhaps think a bit - this was one vein of thought I am following."
Well it's working...for my consciousness anyway. I don't think I have heard the word seed nor viewed images of seeds without thinking of Sophie and her work since I first viewed it.
There are already works in progress that will even make their way here from across the seas!
What a special show this will make indeed.
I am going to join in too. My ideas have been bouncing around from grand, to well, manageable for me...I say with a smile. Perhaps just a print or two of some of my beloved photographs?

So I am passing on the invitation on behalf of Sophie.
Get creative and crazy....or keep it simple.
Make a postcard and join in on the snail mail fun by forwarding your very own piece in Homage to the Seed!
Just click on the picture above for all the details.

And while I am here....
I saw the movie Food Inc. on it's opening night here on Thursday. It was impressively sold out thanks to a change in decision from not screening it here after an email onslaught by like minded and passionate locals. I did feel, for me, however that it did not particularly break new ground especially if you have seen "The Future of Food" or read books like "The Ethics Of What We Eat" by Peter Singer or "The Omnivore's Dilemma" by Michael Pollan (who is featured in the film), all of which I highly recommend. However it is a great piece and it is out there for mainstream viewing and that is a grand, grand thing. Here is the trailer....make the effort and get along to see it sometime over the next three weeks!

See you Monday for more winter-y images. Happy weekend.


5orangepotatoes said...

Wow, this really sounds like something I need to take part in! Off to read more.


Madeline said...

Sounds really wonderful! I hope you'll show off what you come up with. :)

I haven't seen "The Future of Food" or read "The Ethics of What We Eat", but I'll be adding them to my list. I loved "The Omnivore's Dilemma".

The things I see most people getting upset about around here are animal cruelty, use of pesticides, antibiotics, and of course genetically engineered food...all worthy of lots attention and focus. But, what I really liked about Food Inc. is that it fairly accurately depicted the inhumanity toward the people involved in the food industry (honestly, though, I think even that was soft pedaled a bit). My parents live near a "chicken town". And, there is so much that is brushed under the carpet...not about the way animals are treated, but about the devaluing of human life. So many horrible things happen, and they just get covered up or ignored because "that's just the way it has to be". Oh, don't get me started! I could write a whole blog post in your comment section. I'm just so very glad that what's happening behind the scenes (totally unnecessarily) is being exposed and in a way that is accessible to everyday people.

Tricia said...

Thank you! Thank you for sharing Sophie's project. I've got some ideas and would love to join in..Off to explore Sophies blog more.

.::Our Waldorf Home Mama::. said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing!


Twig and Toadstool said...

I'll definately send off a postcard!!! It's horrifying what we do to our food...I'm all for being a part of the change!
xo maureen

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Leanne,
i was so inspired when I found this on your blog I went and added it to my homage blog.... with a link back to you... wanted to send a message to check re the images I put on my post which were full acknowledged... but did want to know permission to use them was granted!
Looked out for you thurs evening... but... so many people.. oh well... soon!