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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the love of whacking

My Dad parted with our childhood totem tennis set on the weekend.
It now lives breathing a new, but not unfamiliar, life in my backyard.
I had forgotten he even had it. In fact I had almost forgotten it even existed.
But now I've laid eyes on it again the memories have tumbled back home.
Australian summers of the 70's.
Barefoot and dodging bindii's in my Dad's backyard.
My big brother and I.
Terry towelling hats, riding bikes, making jumps, being jumped over! (the compulsory role of the younger sister isn't it)
And whacking that totem tennis ball.
It's been a long time.
Things have changed.
But let me tell you when I held those bats in my hands again the other day...and ahem each day since...that whacking came straight back to me. Except maybe this time harder, stronger and if it's possible, more fun.
Hmm Mama could possibly match that beloved older brother who used to spin that ball round and round that totem coil not allowing his little sister to have her turn...joyfully living in his own world of whacking. How about it bro? Rematch time?
All hands here have had a go at this new, old, toy.
It's even been used in dispute resolution with a challenge having been set to the Mister. It never happened but it all ended in giggles and a few hours of good natured "talking it up".
A good tool to remember.
So even though it's cold here now, it's standing out there again. Perhaps in training for Summer.
I wonder if it will survive my two little one's antics?
I wonder if they will grow up and remember the days of totem tennis where one outhit the other or where one needed to jump the bmx over the other....
Who knows but for now we can aim for that, except maybe with the occasional.....

"Stand back kids...Mama's going to whack this one!"


Sophie Munns said...

Such nostalgia Leanne!
... we had this same set.... there was something very humorous about playing this game... but clever really as it does not need lots of room and does require skill!
Are you going to the Food Inc film tomorrow...if so I will be there... and should try and say hello!

Pleased you might find a moment to create a postcard for my blogger call out on Seeds!!! Fingers crossed.... time is precious for you no doubt...and in short supply - see how you go...dont worry!

karen said...

love the old wooden bats! I always loved totem tenis too, reminds me of summer afternoons and sprinklers and icy poles, because they all went together so well. Wishing you many happy games!

Anonymous said...

Oh.. I also remember that wonderful satisfaction of whacking that ball constantly. I recieved this same game as a gift for my children but it is made so badly and of poor quality it just breaks before you can have some real fun. I love the wooden bats and just that rusty old feel to yours! I really enjoy your blog. I always stop in from time to time. Beautiful photos makes me nostalgic for australia!

Shine Little Light* said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE totem tennis. ANd it just gets better the older you are I reckon.

Patricia said...

That's a great old totem and bats!
When we have a bigger garden, I would love to have one ;)
I've played tennis many years.
(when I was young)

Have fun Leanne xo

Stephanie said...

Oh! I forgot all about that game!
I think my babes would really like that game!

.::Our Waldorf Home Mama::. said...

Sounds like an interesting game!!!


Kelly said...

Of, what great memories! I do hope you get to have a game with your brother, wouldn't that be great!

Levin said...

you can't begin to imagine my excitement when i saw that snippet of the bat. we had the exact same bat - and yes, memories came pouring in, memories that were very similar to yours. i never got to hit the ball when i played with my brother but it was all good fun.
such fond memories make life so good.

Lola Nova said...

Who doesn't love to have a good whack? What great memories!

Anne said...

Funny I just bought one of these last summer...LOL
The kids and I where having a great time with it and as well as shuttlecock.