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Monday, April 27, 2009

sowing growing eating

The last two months in the garden have proved to be quite productive. There have been enthusiastic flurries of activity and exciting flushes of growth and as you know I like to do a regular update on all I have been sowing, growing and eating here in my organic backyard.

What's Sowing....
Kale - cavolo nero and red winter
Rainbow chard
Beetroot - red globe and bull's blood
Kumi Kumi pumpkin
Giant Russian cucumber
Miniature red onion
Elephant garlic

What's Growing....
Rosella's... which are fruiting abundantly but need to get bigger before a productive harvest can be collected.
Speckled corn
Banana's..... our second bunch
Snow peas
Cumquat's....awaiting ripening
Passionfruit....which has decided to fruit more abundantly....I think these vines heard me discussing a severe pruning
What's Eating....
French beans....fresh delicious and by the handful almost daily
Lady finger banana's..... the most delicious harvest
Eggplants.... grilled purple fingers
Hawaiian guava's.... our first fruits straight from the tree
Red papaya ... with mint of course!

There is a lot of fruit activity as well......
The peach has been pruned back hard and is now a flourish of green at a more manageable size.......as is the mulberry tree which seems to desire nothing more than to race for the sky with giant leaves and a mesh of beautiful branches.
The blood orange and lemon are strong and steady though still small.
The avocado is also plodding along but is a well worth slow wait for those green egg shaped fruits full of healthful creamy goodness.
We have eaten the petals from our feijoa tree in the front yard when it flowered.... we knew it would not throw fruit just yet so we could not resist trying out this sweet delicacy.
The grape is struggling after being transplanted too many times after the construction of sunflower cottage...but I'm confident it will bounce back next Spring.
And as I posted about recently we have a new fruit addition to replace a palm tree that was stealing productive space.....a tropical apple that I am oh so excited about....I never thought I would ever experience plucking a crisp apple from my own tree living here in the tropics....but now hopefully one day soon I will get to experience that dream along with a whole lot of homemade apple crumble!
So amongst all this abundance of late the fig is the only tree having a rest......it has gone into cool season hibernation which I am more than happy to oblige because with so much other sowing, growing and eating going on here I have more than enough to be grateful for and to keep our bellies satisfied.


Molly said...

Great pictures, Yumm! We like to grow and espescially eat food from our backyard too. Sounds like you have quite a good variety. I would love to grow bananas, but I don't think they grow up here in NY :(

Lisa said...

Yum, now I am craving a salad! What a fantastic garden you have. Good job gardening mama! ;)

beck said...

Wow your garden is amazing!! I am so impressed with the variety and I love your photos. Now I'm hungry.. x

Tammy said...

You have quite the garden growing there, Lady! I am very impressed!!

I hope your tropical apples turn out for you. Would be fun for you to pick apples!

The Magic Onions said...

Can I come and live with you?
WOW... you are such a gardener... inspires me to go out right now and water my little ones. Well done!

Madeline said...

Your garden sounds unbelievably delicious! I so wish we could grow avocados and blood oranges here. We're just barely too far north for a lot of the tropical fruits.

onegoldensun said...

Ohhhh, the tropical abundance! Such delightful, yummy things growing in your garden!

Sabrina said...

Oh your garden is so inspiring. My tummy is beginning to growl a bit.
Enjoy those delicious fruits of your labor.

Rest is not idleness said...

Your garden makes me quite envious, sometimes I wish we lived in a more tropical location so as to grow some of those things that you are growing. The beans and guavas look as if I could just reach in to my computer and grab them. Enjoy

Amber said...

Oh that is just beautiful!
I love the colours and how lucky you guys are to have all of this deliciousness around you always.
Leanne this blog is always such a gorgeous place to come, so much love and warmth in everything you guys do....xxx

Bird Bath said...

your gardening posts are always very inspiring for me.you certainly have a passion and talent for homegrown.
We have just put it some vegetable beds with lots of lettuce, cabbages, broccoli and cauli. Organic garlic is the next thing on my must plant list!