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Monday, February 16, 2009

eve's apple

Eve's Apple.
That's the title of this piece of art which unfortunately I don't have the credits for.
I have been tagged to play the 6th in the 6th game by Leanne and Little Chrissy and this is my 6th photo in my 6th folder...."My Favourite Art".

I've had this picture stashed in there since I was pregnant with my girl. I found myself drawn to it and had a print pinned to my wall at the time so I could gaze upon it when I wished. I've always found that pattern hidden deep within apples such a captivating mystery since I was a child. Combine that with the symbolism of the star, the deep reds and the hint of the fat round ripeness of the apple and it must have struck my feminine core..... especially as I was carrying my first babe.

I've also been tagged to play the 4:4:4 game by Celia and Amber which similarly had me hunting down the 4th photo in my 4th folder....

In a slightly freakish moment of serendipity I found this photo of our uninvited Christmas lunch guest. It's a very beautiful, very large, quite full and sluggish carpet python in my Mum's garden. I wonder if you can see the large lump in it's belly where we guess it is digesting a small possum? My brother and Roger relocated it to the bush the following week as it's choice of home was making those that live inside the house just a little jumpy.

So there it is....apple and snake.

It's quite a fun game this one so I invite anyone who wants to play to join in....I'm really enjoying watching the results over blog land.

And if you are one for a giveaway.....there is a fantastically generous one for the little ones or the young at heart by Amber over at The Nutrients of Life....pay a visit.


Melanie said...

The apple picture is mesmerising and the snake is awesome. What a cool thing to find in your garden. Not nasty enough to kill you but scary enough to get your heart going. I could imagine my lot with the screams and giggles if they found him.(most would be coming from me) We only get "bite then drive to emergency ward" snakes here so far as I know.

Madeline said...

An apple and a snake...that would classify as a "slightly freakish moment of serendipity." My photo files don't produce anything nearly as fabulous.

Amber said...

Oh I LOVE the carpet snake, I used to own one that looked just like that gorgeous one. I love snakes. What a great shot. Thanks for playing along...is a bit of fun.
Oh and thank you so much for the link to my giveaway...xxx

Levin (and Emily) said...

that's a gorgeous piece of art. and i like the tie in with the snake. i was going to tag you for the same thing until i read your blog and realised you had already been tagged. it's fascinating seeing what people are putting on their blogs.

littlechrissy said...

fantastic pics - that apple photo is really remarkable.
I've given you an award! Come visit my blog for details.

Tammy said...

The apple photo is beautiful!!!!!

Sabrina said...

What a interesting coincidence- the apple and the snake. It does appear the universe has something to say in all of this.

Apple stars are so magical. I still remember being shown for the first time that pattern hidden within the fruit.

Stunning photos as always!

Lisa said...

I can't imagine having a snake like that in my yard! He is beautiful!