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Sunday, November 9, 2008

::: Places to Perch :::

Have you seen the "Sit a Spell" Flickr group yet?

Sabrina from Mama Craft has been enjoying it also and has shared her most inviting, charming and much loved little bench seat in the perfect, I believe, bright and busy spot of her house. I'd love to join her for tea.

She has inspired me this weekend to think about all the spots around our home and garden that I gravitate towards when searching for, or simply just happening upon a moment to perch myself.....and just "sit a spell".

Of course my favourite pew is in the garden.....after a wander and flutter through quickly growing vines and newly planted veges; after checking the progress of sprouting seeds and newly flowering fruits; after planning the next shift or rotation or a new bed and admiring the constant changes taking place... I'll take a little seat here if my cup of tea is still warm and continue contemplating my little patch of eden or just simply sit...and breathe.


Amber said...

Oh that place looks magical. You could get lost in your own little world there.
I really must try to think of a place I like to sit and ponder. I will try and do a post on that too.
Take care

Sabrina said...

Yes, that does look like a perfect spot for a little repose. And that lovely photo makes me miss my long gone nasturtiums.

I had to smile at the "if my tea is still warm" part. It's a challenge to get to the relaxing before the tea grows cool. Especially, I think, for us Mamas.

Mind if I swing over for a cup?

Sherrin said...

What a lovely post. I want to come and drink tea there with you! :o)

Molly said...

Lovely spot to relax and take it all in. Beautiful nasturtiums too. I hope mine get that full this year. I first fell in love with these when my mom made a lemon meringue pie and topped it with these. Oh it was so tasty & pretty. :)