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Monday, November 10, 2008

::: By Artisan Hands :::

“A man who works with his hands is a laborer; a man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman; but a man who works with his hands and his brain and his heart is an artist”
Louis Nizer

Our backyard project is almost complete......

I don't know if it is in my nature, being the Granddaughter of a carpenter, to love wood work and all things timber. I have been admiring the skill and pure craftsmanship involved in working with tool, timber and hand in my backyard for the last week or so. Not to mention completely drowning in the mathematics involved in building.....my goodness you lose it when you don't use it and become totally immersed in everything baby, earthy and crafty.

There really is something to simple hand tools though isn't there? The eye, the hands, the tool, the shaping and chipping away, and the satisfaction that must come with completing that last strike of chisel or hammer, cut with a saw or piece of fine joinery.

Roger has been using tools that belonged to both my Grandfather and his own Father. The sentiment in his hands today still using the tools that were once held to work wood by others hands, family, long ago is stirring. I think it leaves a little piece of everybody behind in this project along with a big bit of soul from the hands, brains and heart of today's builder.

I'm going to miss the sound (and smell) of sawing and hammering in the backyard; watching the creative process; making lunches and cups of tea and gathering in the late afternoon to admire the days progress and chat about changes and plans......

(photo by Mia...)

but the next stage of it's existence is also soon to begin after some minor "finishing off" by me and that is going to be even more fun!


karenjane said...

love the lizards and the chubby little feet standing next to them in the last pic. whatever it is its looking good!

Sabrina said...

So lucky you are to have a woodworking artist in house. I also really admire those skills and appreciate the tools of time past.
Fantastic geckos!

Still waiting anxiously to see the whole thing!