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Friday, February 22, 2008

Stop Consumerism...save Yourself and the World!

I found this! How great....and so so timely with my thoughts being preoccupied lately with the state of our ever over consuming society!

What date is it this year? Love it!

We have made changes this year to our own consumption and after having finished last year debt free we talked loosely about spending the next 12 months without buying anything brand new....highly inspired by Eilleen.....and with my big dream to one day experience the simple life like Linda and family. But we are sadly not ready yet...though baby steps! It is a big change and there is still some preparation before we are ready to warmly, happily and wholeheartedly commit to it as a family.

In the meantime I will continue to plant my little somethings worthy of being "consumable" in our backyard. We are a little way off being able to eat anything substantial, like the Cockburns (!), for the long term from our garden yet but we are getting there and enjoying the process. Space is holding us back at present but I have plans to "delawn" the backyard and turn things into a twisting turning veg/herb/fruit discovery extravaganza! I'm currently schooling myself up on cob ovens too. Time is poor though with two little ones so my plans are long term....though hopefully next year will prove to be quite productive on the fruity side of things.... and lets hope the rains keep a coming regularly so these wonderful plans don't frizzle up with any crispy dried veg leaves that I can't water quickly enough, in the drought, bucketing from our tank! I'm planning on so much more gardeny satisfaction to come.

It all starts small....even big dreams!

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