...Homemade Rainbows...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I've been finding myself gathering things.
Flowers seeds shells leaves feathers.... and strength.
But it's all the seeds from the garden, aside from their own abundance and beauty and purpose,
that have me thinking most.
There is something about their cycles and potential.
How much potential there is within a single one is something quite astounding.
And as I quietly gather and admire these seeds from my garden
I am also aware that to a certain extent I am gathering them for within myself as well right now
A little symbolism of life lately...
Gathering up exhaustingly for the harsh Winters of existence and hopefully awaiting the potential of a new Spring and a deep exhalation.
For like those I gather from the garden,
the seeds we gather for our souls can only attract the most beautiful things into the gardens that lie within us as well... right?


Sonya said...

gorgeous images

MJ said...

"...our souls only attract the most beautiful things..." YES!!!!

Amanda said...

Beautiful images. I hope you find yourself well prepared for your future.

littlechrissy said...

Your blog always reminds me of the simple and beautiful things in life. Thank you.

Megan.K. said...

beautiful words and images Leanne.

Patricia said...

I'm gathering too :-)
Beautiful bird!


jodi said...


Madeline said...

So right! Just lovely.