...Homemade Rainbows...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

in between raindrops

in the garden is where we can be found lately
ambling in and out between rain showers
the raindrops are a good reminder for another cup of tea
to ponder our space
his creating
her creating (they are frogs by the way)
and Mama's creating
still shifting mountains of earth, slow but steady
it's all taking shape


Anonymous said...

your garden looks lovely and so welcoming !

Amanda said...

Love it! I love the time right after rain almost as much as I love the rain. And, those frogs are too cute!

Kristi said...

your garden is so perfect for littles.
love this post leanne.

Sophie Munns said...

Leanne.... its a huge delight to visit your blog...always!

Have done a 2 page spread in my (just printed) book 'Homage to the seed' on the Postcards from the blogosphere... in recognition of all the wonderful people who participated.

Also that quote which was on your card ended up in an essay written for the book by someone else.

Kelly said...

Love this. a beautiful garden to 'just be' and play in.

Megan.K. said...

We have been doing exactly this all weekend - feels so good to be out there with the kids in the garden.
Your garden looks beautiful Leanne - looking forward to seeing more of it.

Mary Smith said...

Beautiful shots. You are making me think of summer!

jodi said...

so so good. x